STANIFICENT Intercoms is a complete wireless intercom system. If you’re thinking of installing an intercom system but unsure about what type is best for you, why not look into a wireless design?
STANIFICENT GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, our wireless intercoms are plug and play two way clear communication. Once configured, no need for recharge card, it is free to air 24/7 forever.

It is the very first wireless intercom system that is extendable to 100 units from numbers 0 to 99 units. It is a plug-n-call system that needs no installation thereby incurring no installation cost. It also works with or without electricity because it has an inbuilt battery. It is so rugged but very simple to operate. With the use of STANIFICENT wireless intercoms, you can effectively communicate with rooms and Offices wirelessly without running cables and Punching through the walls.


1. Completely wireless operation.
2. Transmission range is 1000 feet between units.
3. Plug and Play: It needs no installation nor an installer. In other words, no technical knowledge is required. Its a Do-it-Yourself (D.I.Y) intercom.
4. It is completely expandable to an unlimited number of intercom stations.
5. Works with or without electricity. It has a very powerful inbuilt battery that powers the system at power failure.
6. It uses a 2-way digital wireless voice communication system.
7. It has 100 units extension from 0 to 99.
8. It is designed to be placed or mounted on any surface either horizontally or vertically.
9. It uses Digital Spread Spectrum Technology for security and interference immunity.
10. No cost of maintenance.
11. It is easy to relocate from one location to another.
12. Multi-channel wireless intercom system
13. More intercoms additions to your network as needs change.
14. Connections are completely secured and digital.
15. It has Ultra-clear sound quality. 16. Setup and Configuration is extremely simple and can be done in  minutes.


1. Hotels.
2. Schools
3. Public and Private Offices.
4. Supermarkets.
5. Petrol Stations.
6. Boutiques.
7. Homes.
8. Churches.
9. Hospitals, etc.

        A wireless intercom system has the advantage of simple installation, while traditional intercom systems require wires to connect each intercom placed throughout the building or home. The cost of installing wires to run throughout the walls and ceilings of a building far surpasses the cost of purchasing the intercom system itself, and a wireless intercom requires lesser time for installation.

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  • Date January 16, 2015
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