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Advanced Safety/Security Solutions You Should Not Ignore – GPS Tracking System and Fleet Management.

Vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Vehicle information can be viewed via the Internet or specialized software.

The innumerable benefits of GPS tracking cannot be overemphasized. The level of access and control managers have over their fleet tells the pace at which growth is taking place within his establishment. Below are some of the benefits of having tracker installed in your vehicle.

RECOVERY FROM THEFT: Vehicles are prone to different negative situations. One is not ignorant of the fact that in this part of the world, vehicle theft have become frequent. This is where the benefit of GPS tracking system comes to play. It enables one get notified with alerts and mapping data to help identify whether a vehicle has been stolen or in unauthorized hands and inform the authorities of its location to enable a quick recovery.

CONTROL VEHICLE’S FUEL CONSUMPTION: One of the best benefits of GPS tracking systems is the ability to control a vehicle’s fuel consumption. The monitoring software will cut down on the amount spent on fuel by eliminating vehicle idling, driver speeding. Etc.

HIGH PRODUCTIVITY & LOW OPERATIONAL COST: The installation of GPS Tracking system gives vehicle owners huge benefit in the area of cost of operation. It minimizes the risk associated with vehicles investment. Also, fleet managers make better use of their drivers’ time as they are able to track down the hours worked for by their drivers.. The GPS tracking software shows exactly where your drivers are at all times and keeps record of the routes they are taking.

ENSURES SAFETY: GPS tracking enables the vehicle owner know exactly where his vehicle is located, if its engine is broken down or whether the vehicle is riding toward unauthorized location, etc.. Also, fleet managers can send assistance to their drivers in case of emergency. This would make drivers a little more responsible on the road.

The benefits of GPS tracking are many. One would not only save oneself from unnecessary stress, but money and time. For managers of fleet, their vehicles will be in good hand and their drivers will be safer, performing their duties efficiently. These in no doubt adds up to smooth operations as well as improved customer service.

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We help you track and monitor your vehicle using your phone, engines shut down and resumption, driving management, over speeding alerts, monitoring vehicle location using google maps, get detailed history recording with cost effective reports and a Do It Yourself operation system.

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