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Communication is Key

You can’t beat good and clear communication, especially when it is all about running your business.

Employers and their employees pick up the phone to call an enterprise or a client at least once a day.

Do you know that a good number of people prefer to contact a company with a workplace phone?

But why should my business have desk phones when there are cellphones? Why purchase unnecessary hardware?

Is it just about the quality audio that they are characterised with. No.

• Easy Usage: Desk phones are engineered for simplified call management; transferring callers, placing them on hold, and muting conversations.

• Productivity. Mobile phones can be distracting. Having desk phones on every employee’s desk can help curb time waste and boost productivity in your establishment.

• Reduction In Risks: Mobile devices are subject to battery issues. There is nothing worse than trying to a number, reach out to a client/company with your cell phone and having your battery die or phone malfunction. Cell phones can also get lost or stolen. In this regard, desk phones come with lesser risk.

• Appearance; There is something professional about having a desk phone on your desk, especially when meeting face to face with clients. It communicates your value to them and gives them a little bit of certainty in what you offer and that you can always be reached.

Despite the trend in cell phones, desk phones still provide a great deal of value and continue to serve an important purpose in business.

One of the important thing you should consider this week is how to upgrade

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