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  “It is a good thing to give thanksgiving unto the LORD, and to sing praises into thy name, O Most High…… Psalm 92:1”.

             How great it is to praise God everyday. Praises moves the heart of God more than anything use. Learn to praise Him more and ask less of your needs: for all things are yours already.

        Ephesians 1:3 says, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all Spiritual blessings in heavenly place in Christ”. So why pray more for any other blessings, if all had been given unto you? All you need now is to Praise Him for all He had done because now you have come to realize that there is absolutely nothing He had not yet done. Halleluyah!

      Sometimes the things we seek do not come to us unless we praise God. Why? Because God delights in our praises. When you praise God from the depth of your heart and with gladness, He definitely from His Delight will see to it, that all things which are yours gets to you. If all things are yours; then all your challenges are defeated and your victory is perfect. Praise God!

           Praises Carries Power.


         By the power of praise I give unto the LORD, I walk everyday as a Born – champion and victorious in everything I do, and everything I lay my hands on shall be blessed. All things are mine and all my challenges are bread for me. As I sing praises unto the Lord I am transform from glory to glory. Praise God Forever.

FURTHER STUDY : 2 Chronicles 20:22, Psalms 95:1-3,Acts 16:25-26.