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Welcome to Stanificent Global Technologies Ltd.
We are into sales, installation and maintenance of range of cctv cameras, wifi cameras, dvrs, cables, hard drives, connectors, power supply box, power adapters, power splitters and other cctv accessories.
Our prices are very friendly as we are the major distributor.

Benefits Of Stanificent CCTV Cameras:
1.For the employers, CCTV is a very useful instrument for many reasons. Some of them are obvious: preventing crimes like thefts, helping the police and watching the employees.
2.CCTV can protect employees.
3.CCTV can help employee satisfaction.
4.CCTV can help settle disputes.
5.The cameras are effective in placing blame.
6.CCTV is convenient for keeping records.
7.CCTV is able to inspire confidence.
8.Another advantage of Stanificent CCTV is the clarity of the images captured and they are very affordable.
9.Recording of events as they occur and ability to play back such recordings including date and time saving.
10.View your surveillance cameras remotely from any where in the world (Optional, but can be integrated on request).
Remember, your safety and security is our number one priority.

Contact Us:
Stanificent Global Technologies Ltd
Call us on 08131276307, 08077530865
OFFICE ADDRESS: 67, Mission Road, Opposite Cooke Road Junction, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.


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