Rechargeable Wireless Intercom (With 1000meters Open Field Transmission Range)



If you worry about what intercom to use in your house, school, bank, office, church, mosque or you are worried about running cables for your intercom connections, then worry no more because Stanificent Global Technologies Ltd has the solution to your worries.

Key Features:
* Transmission range of 1000meters on open field.
* Can communicate with up to 100 intercom handsets
* The intercom are movable and easy to relocate from one spot/ place to another.
* Does not require wires as it is completely wireless.
* It is rechargeable: so when there is power failure, it will still be working conveniently with its inbuilt rechargeable battery.
* Additional wireless intercoms can be added to the existing ones with ease when the needs arises
* Ultra clear sound quality
* Plug and play wireless intercom and user self install

We are also the major distributor in the sales and supply of security gadgets such as GPS vehicle trackers, vehicle under search mirrors, CCTV cameras, electric fence materials, walkie talkies, metal detectors, handcuffs and many more

Stanificent Global Technologies Ltd.
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