Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management


Stanificent Global Technologies (S.G.T) Ltd vehicle fleet management is a function which allows organizations or individuals which rely on transportation in business to minimize or remove the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving productivity, efficiency and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs.

Fleet management can be used for management of both commercial and private motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, trailers, heavy construction equipment, machinery, tools, & more.

Get your fleet assets organized & track all of the data that you need to effectively manage your fleet of vehicles. Vehicle fleet management functions include,
1. Vehicle financing
2. Vehicle telematics (tracking & diagnostics)
3. Driver management
4. Speed management
5. Fuel management
6. Vehicle maintenance, and
7. Health & safety management.

With STANIFICENT Fleet management, you can
1. Track an unlimited number of assets,
2. Get detailed history recording (so you can analyze costs, and monitor trends in wear, neglect, and abuse exist) and
3. Also get flexible reporting (print, email, or export from a wide range of reports ranging from simple fleet listing reports to detailed cost analysis reports).

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