Walkie Talkie Handset (Baofeng BF-888S)



Baofeng 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkie by Stanificent Global Technologies Ltd is an innovative gadget which will allow everyone to be in touch.
It is also a great device in cases of emergencies.
It can be used in homes, churches, hospitals, supermarkets, banks and basically in almost all businesses/organizations for easy and free to air communication.
It is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage with a talk range of 3-5km.
It is well-designed for high performance and with exceptional signal strength even in the most remote places.
It has a highly efficient built-in battery and lasts for long hours if fully charged.
Better order the earphones with it if you want more privacy.
Contact us for yours Today.
Contact Us:
Stanificent Global Technologies Ltd.
Call Lines: 08131276307, 08077530865
Office Address: 69/71, Mission Road, Opposite Cooke Road Junction, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria


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