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Car Tracking & Fleet Management

Tracks vehicle location in real time, Sets virtual boundaries around specific areas, Tracks fuel consumption, Tracks driver behavior.

Electric Fence

Effective deterrent for a wide range of animals, Safe and humane when used properly, Low-maintenance and versatile Cost-effective, durable, and flexible Easy to install and safe for children and pets

Security Cameras

Long-range surveillance for comprehensive protection, Remote viewing for effortless monitoring, Waterproof durability for all conditions, Enhanced security for peace of mind

Barb Wire

We offer expert barbed wire fencing installation services to ensure your property is secure and protected. Our experienced team will.
Smart Locks

Smart Locks

We offer a seamless solution to integrate smart lock technology into your existing door hardware, ensuring effortless entry and enhanced protection.

Vehicle Speed Limiter

Our experienced technicians will seamlessly integrate speed limiting technology into your vehicles, ensuring compliance with local regulations and enhancing overall road safety.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Elevate your business efficiency and customer experience with our comprehensive POS system installation services.
Hotel Card Locks

Hotel Card Lock Systems

Enhance Hotel Security and Convenience with Expert Card Lock System Installation

Telephone Intercom System

Enhance Communication and Security with Expert Telephone Intercom System Installation
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