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  1. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard seizes a container ship near Strait of Hormuz – TIMES OF INDIA
  2. Taiwan detects 16 Chinese military aircraft, eight naval vessels around nation – TIMES OF INDIA
  3. A local official says at least 10 people have died in shelling in Russian-occupied Ukraine – TIMES OF INDIA
  4. More than 40 still trapped in cable cars high up mountain after fatal crash – SKY NEWS
  5. Putin ‘may launch all-out bid to seize second city’ – as Western officials fear major Russian advance | Ukraine latest – SKY NEWS
  6. ‘Hero’ lone officer who shot attacker ‘saved lives’ – as footage emerges of suspect in shopping centre – SKY NEWS
  7. A Chinese official meets North Korean leader Kim in Pyongyang in highest-level talks in years – ABC NEWS
  8. Israel finds the body of a teen whose disappearance sparked a deadly settler attack in the West Bank – ABC NEWS
  9. More than 40 people still stranded the day after a deadly cable car accident in Turkey – ABC NEWS
  10. A suspect in a deadly Sydney stabbing attack acted alone and there is no longer a threat, police say – ABC NEWS
  11. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard seizes a container ship near Strait of Hormuz amid tensions with Israel – ABC NEWS
  12. Argentina’s populist president meets billionaire Elon Musk in Texas — and a bromance is born – ABC NEWS
  13. Pakistani police search for gunmen who abducted bus passengers and killed 10 – ABC NEWS
  14. Eastern Europeans buy up property in the West as Putin steps up ‘war on nerves’ – CNN
  15. More than 20 years later, families of the Columbia crew carry on their loved ones’ legacies – CNN
  16. Germany to give Holocaust survivors $236 payout to help them cope with October 7 attacks – CNN
  17. Six rare sawfish deaths in 7 days have scientists baffled amid bizarre Florida fish behavior – CNN
  18. Dozens stranded after fatal Turkey cable car crash – BBC NEWS
  19. Palestinian man killed after Israeli boy vanishes in West Bank – BBC NEWS
  20. 25 crew members on board vessel seized by IRGC – AL JAZEERA NEWS

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