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  1. Venezuelans are increasingly stuck in Mexico, explaining drop in illegal crossings to US – TIMES OF INDIA
  2. China ships Tibetan glacier water to climate-threatened Maldives – TIMES OF INDIA
  3. Bodies of two victims of Baltimore bridge collapse recovered – SKY NEWS
  4. Ban on hair discrimination debated by French MPs – SKY NEWS
  5. Prison sentence sought for football chief who kissed female player without consent – SKY NEWS
  6. Climate change ‘slows Earth’s rotation’ – and could affect how we measure time – ABC NEWS
  7. US Coast Guard searches for US Marine who went swimming in Puerto Rico during high surf advisory – ABC NEWS
  8. French lawmakers condemn ‘bloody and murderous’ 1961 massacre of Algerian protesters – ABC NEWS
  9. Bahamian politician killed while fleeing from gunmen who demanded cash, police say – ABC NEWS
  10. Japan’s leader seeks a meeting with North Korea and an end to deflation, to boost public support – ABC NEWS
  11. 4 Canadian school boards sue Snapchat, TikTok and Meta for disrupting students’ education – ABC NEWS
  12. King Charles calls for acts of friendship in first public remarks since Kate’s cancer diagnosis – CNN
  13. A Nigerian woman reviewed some tomato puree online. Now she faces jail – CNN
  14. Dachshunds under threat as Germany proposes ban on breeding
  15. Kenyans struggle to comprehend starvation cult massacre as first bodies are finally released for burial – CNN
  16. Conjoined twin Abby Hensel is now married – NBC NEWS
  17. Trump expected to attend wake for fallen NYPD officer as he ramps up rhetoric on crime – NBC NEWS
  18. China’s latest EV is a ‘connected’ car from smartphone maker Xiaomi – NBC NEWS
  19. Lebanon to file formal complaint at UN after Israel’s attacks on medical staff – AL JAZEERA NEWS
  20. Belgian foreign minister slams ‘colonisation’ in visit to Palestinian territories – AL JAZEERA NEWS

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