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  1. US and Cyprus will sign a deal to fight money laundering and evasion of Russian sanctions – ABC NEWS
  2. King Charles III and Queen Camilla to attend Easter Sunday service in Windsor – ABC NEWS
  3. Multiple victims of Moscow attack including children are in serious condition, Russian officials say – ABC NEWS
  4. China to challenge Biden’s electric vehicle plans at the WTO – ABC NEWS
  5. UK court delays decision on Assange’s last-ditch extradition appeal bid – TIMES OF INDIA
  6. Hong Kong scraps early release for national security convicts – TIMES OF INDIA
  7. Taiwan tests air defences in early morning missile drills – TIMES OF INDIA
  8. Rescue ongoing as cars and people fall into water after ship strike causes bridge to collapse – TIMES OF INDIA
  9. Devastation in Gaza as Israel wages war on Hamas – CNN
  10. At least 27 dead as flooding ravages southeast Brazil – CNN
  11. Prince and Princess of Wales ‘enormously touched’ by messages following cancer announcement – CNN
  12. Russia expert explains why Putin treated US warning about possible terror attack as ‘blackmail’ – CNN
  13. Russia launches likely largest-ever attack on Ukraine’s energy system, Ukrainian official says – CNN
  14. Visa, MasterCard settle long-running antitrust suit over swipe fees with merchants – NBC NEWS
  15. Supreme Court to hear arguments on abortion pill mifepristone – NBC NEWS
  16. Soccer star Vinícius breaks down about racist abuse in Spain and says he’s losing desire to play – NBC NEWS
  17. Israeli military in defiance of UN resolution – AL JAZEERA NEWS
  18. Malaysian re­tail­er and sup­pli­er charged for sell­ing ‘Al­lah’ socks – AL JAZEERA NEWS
  19. Five Chi­nese na­tion­als among six killed in sui­cide bomb at­tack in Pak­istan – AL JAZEERA NEWS
  20. Serbia marks the 25th anniversary of NATO bombing – EURO NEWS

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