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Unique Traits between Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Each type of security camera has its own unique characteristics to suit its environment and needs, such as weather resistance, night vision, etc. Stanificent Global technology Ltd can evaluate your properties indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. Our experienced technicians can develop a customized plan and install quality security cameras for your residence or business.

What is the difference between an indoor and an outdoor security camera?

Weather Resistance

Outdoor security cameras are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and exposure to UV rays. They are made of durable materials such as metal, polycarbonate, etc. Outdoor cameras are also equipped with a sealed enclosure to prevent moisture or dust from entering the device. This enclosure helps protect the internal components of the camera, including the lens and electronics.

On the other hand, Indoor security cameras may not be suitable for outdoor weather conditions and may not be equipped with protective features such as weatherproofing or a tightly sealed enclosure. Indoor security cameras are better suited for indoor environments with relatively stable temperature and humidity.

Field of view (FOV)

Outdoor security cameras are typically designed to cover a larger area, such as a yard, driveway, parking lot, or the exterior of a building. To capture these large outdoor spaces, outdoor security cameras typically require a wider FOV. Certain outdoor security cameras also come with motorized pan/tilt features that allow you to remotely control the camera’s orientation, increasing the area of coverage. During security camera installation, our experienced technicians can mount an outdoor security camera at a higher elevation to capture a larger area.

Indoor security cameras typically have a narrower FOV to focus on specific rooms, such as living rooms, kitchens, or hallways. This narrow FOV can help you keep your home more private, as the camera will not capture areas where surveillance would not be desirable. Many indoor security cameras come with fixed lenses, which means the FOV is not adjustable, which is appropriate for the purpose of monitoring certain indoor spaces. With our team’s help, you can mount your indoor security camera at eye level for more effective surveillance.

Night vision

Outdoor security cameras have night vision features that allow you to see your home at night. Outdoor security cameras use infrared LEDs to improve night vision capabilities. Infrared LEDs in outdoor security cameras can have a longer range, allowing you to see clearly at longer distances. Smart infrared technology allows outdoor cameras to adjust the intensity of infrared illumination based on how close objects are to the camera.

Indoor security cameras can also have night vision features, but they usually use less powerful infrared LEDs. Because indoor security cameras are designed for smaller indoor spaces and shorter distances, the range requirements for indoor night vision are lower. This means that indoor night vision features are only suitable for viewing your home at night from a distance.

Motion Recognition

With the help of sophisticated sensitivity settings found on outdoor cameras, home owners can adjust the motion detection to perfectly fit the outdoor setting. As a result, fewer false alarms are set off by outside factors such as falling rain, shifting foliage, snow, and tiny animals. Additionally, you can designate specific areas for masking and custom detection zones for outdoor cameras, telling them where to look for motion and ignore it.

Certain Indoor cameras can detect tampering and will notify you if they are moved, covered, or otherwise tampered with. To detect movement within the monitored indoor space, they also provide standard motion detection capabilities. You can use this to configure pet alerts, Children alerts etc.

Audio Features

Two-way audio is available on Stanificent Global Technologies Ltd cameras, letting you keep an eye on activities inside and interact with family and pets. With the integrated microphone and speaker, you can converse with people in real time while keeping an ear on local events. When it comes to baby monitoring, two-way audio can be useful because it allows parents to comfort and interact with their child from a separate room.

To enhance audio clarity, outdoor cameras can have two-way audio with echo cancellation and noise reduction features. To improve security and communication, some outdoor cameras with two-way audio may be integrated with lights, sirens, or smart speakers. To record audio from a distance, the cameras may also be equipped with sophisticated microphones.

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