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  1. Biden administration announces 6.6 billion dollars to ensure leading-edge microchips are built in US – TIMES OF INDIA.
  2. Record floods in Russia’s Urals triggered by melting snow – TIMES OF INDIA
  3. Attacks on Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant significantly increase accident risk, IAEA head says – TIMES OF INDIA
  4. At least 94 dead in Mozambique after unlicensed ferry boat capsizes, says official – INDIAN EXPRESS
  5. New Zealand tightens visa rules amid near record migration – INDIAN EXPRESS
  6. Suspended Maldives minister apologises after row over post linked to Indian flag – INDIAN EXPRESS
  7. 25 civilians killed in militia attack in eastern Congo – INDIAN EXPRESS
  8. Israel withdraws almost all troops from southern Gaza – SKY NEWS
  9. ‘Thanks for the heart attack’: Passengers film as engine cover falls off Boeing jet – SKY NEWS
  10. Pockets of air in young girl’s coat kept her afloat during Storm Kathleen – SKY NEWS
  11. Countdown to ‘biggest ever’ total eclipse – but big moment could be ruined for some – SKY NEWS
  12. UK Foreign Secretary to urge US speaker to back help for Ukraine – ABC NEWS
  13. Ukraine denies Russian claim it launched drone strikes on a major nuclear power plant – ABC NEWS
  14. Spain court calls on fugitive Catalan secessionist Carles Puigdemont to testify in terrorism probe – ABC NEWS
  15. US will push China to change policy that threatens American jobs, Yellen says – ABC NEWS
  16. Chechnya bans all music deemed too fast or too slow – CNN
  17. Trump says abortion restrictions should be left to states, dodging a national ban – NBC NEWS
  18. 10,000 miles and 352 days later, a U.K. man reaches his goal of running the length of Africa – NBC NEWS
  19. Elon Musk will be investigated over fake news and obstruction in Brazil after a Supreme Court order – NBC NEWS
  20. Trial to begin against Warren Buffet’s railroad over asbestos exposure deaths in Montana town – NBC NEWS

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