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  1. Earthquake aftershocks halt the demolition of a leaning building in Taiwan, death toll rises to 13 – TIMES OF INDIA
  2. President Biden urges Egypt and Qatar to help negotiate hostage deal with Israel – TIMES OF INDIA
  3. Total solar eclipse: 90% of US Airbnbs booked to view cosmic spectacle – TIMES OF INDIA
  4. Russian missile strike kills six and injures 11 in Ukrainian city of Kharkiv – SKY NEWS
  5. Israel to open routes for humanitarian aid into Gaza – after Joe Biden ultimatum – SKY NEWS
  6. Biden puts pressure on Hamas ahead of ceasefire talks; senior Islamic State operative arrested – SKY NEWS
  7. Reclusive Taliban leader releases Eid message urging officials to set aside their differences – ABC NEWS
  8. In northwest Syria, unexploded ordinances and drone strikes make daily life perilous – ABC NEWS
  9. A second UK lawmaker says he was targeted in a sexting scam. Police are investigating – ABC NEWS
  10. Though Rwanda has come a long way since the 1994 genocide, scars of the past still haunt the nation – ABC NEWS
  11. For families of hostages, it’s a race against time as Israel’s war reaches six-month mark – ABC NEWS
  12. Mexico’s president says country will break diplomatic ties with Ecuador after police break into Mexican embassy in Quito – ABC NEWS
  13. Israeli doctor says detained Palestinians are undergoing ‘routine’ amputations for handcuff injuries, Haaretz reports – CNN
  14. Devastation in Gaza as Israel wages war on Hamas – CNN
  15. Six months into the war in Gaza, Israel has no exit strategy and no real plan for the future
  16. Ukraine claims major drone strike on Russian airfield, killing servicemen and destroying aircraft – CNN
  17. Taiwan earthquake: Number of injured tops 1,000, hotel workers remain missing – GLOBAL NEWS
  18. Thousands attend funeral of Iranian senior officer killed in Damascus – AL JAZEERA NEWS
  19. ‘We are doing everything we can’ to expand health access: UNRWA – Al JAZEERA NEWS
  20. Dis­placed 12-year-old boy be­comes Gaza’s youngest medic – AL JAZEERA NEWS

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